Da Mhile Distillery, the first, organic farmhouse distillery in the UK located just outside Llandysul in Ceredigion have just launched Britain’s first organic BLOOD ORANGE liqueur.


It is the fourth batch of ORANGE 33 that has been made at the distillery and the first batch to be made with blood oranges.

When asked about this new liqueur, John Savage-Onstwedder, who invented the recipe said:

“This is the fourth batch of ORANGE33 we have made and every batch is unique, because each time we make a batch, we use the oranges that are in season. For the first batch we used: Seville oranges, the second batch Valencias, the third batch Jaffa and now the fourth batch blood oranges.

When I say to people it is our intention to produce the best orange liqueur in the world the sceptics say: “How can you do that? You don’t even grow oranges in Wales!” My reply is the following question: “Where do they make the best chocolate in the world?”

They either answer Switzerland or Belgium to which I respond: “Well they don’t grow cocoa beans there, do they?”

It does not matter where you make the product as long as you use the best ingredients and give it your best shot. I have always said that one cannot survive in rural Wales by producing mediocrity.

The pursuit of excellence is written into our DNA and every product produced at Da Mhile Distillery has to be of the highest quality”.

The first batch of ORANGE33 made at Da Mhile Distillery won a ‘True Taste Award’ straight away.

Orange 33 is best drank in the summer either chilled or on the rocks. If used as a mixer it is best drank with champagne. Also great poured over fresh ice-cream or desserts. It comes in 70cl, 35cl and 5 cl. miniature bottles at an ABV of 25%.



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