12th June – It’s World Gin Day!

It’s World Gin Day tomorrow but here in Ceredigion we’re not talking about your standard G & T but instead look to the sea…

Da Mhile Distillery have been working on perfecting a unique tipple for years, handpicking the best bunches of seaweed from New Quay to give their mother’s ruin a bit of a kick. Distilled alongside herbs and spices that are typically chosen to compliment seafood, once brought down to drinking strength (using their own spring water) it is infused with the local seaweed from the West Wales coast.


Here are some cocktail ideas to get you in the mood for World Gin Day…

Da Mhile Distillery ©

Da Mhile Distillery ©


Seaweed Sizzler 


Ice cubes

2 shots Seaweed Gin

1 shot Elderflower Cordial

Indian Tonic Water

Slice of orange


Algae Aperitif 

1 cup Seaweed Gin

Half cup syrup

Half cup lemon juice


Lemon twists




Coastal Classic 

Da Mhile Distillery ©

Da Mhile Distillery ©


70ml/2fl oz Seaweed Gin

1 tbsp dry vermouth

2 tbsp olive brine

1 wedge of lemon

1 green olive




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