Top five attractions in Ceredigion

Ceredigion has a lot to offer its visitors with several historical and fun attractions, from cliff railways to waterfalls, Ceredigion is here for your enjoyment!

Make a trip to Mid Wales and enjoy all of the local attraction in and around Ceredigion with activities for the whole family.

the_historic_aberystwyth_cliff_railway 240

© Aberystwyth Cliff Railway

Aberystwyth Cliff Railway
Originally opened in 1896, the Cliff Railway in Aberystwyth at 237 metres in length. Formerly operated on a water balance system, the train was electrified in 1921. Taking only 60 passengers per trip, the funicular railway in Aberystwyth in an attraction the whole family will enjoy. Tickets from £2 – £13, full price list available on the website.


© St Dogmaels Abbey

St Dogmaels Abbey
Close to Cardigan and Poppit Sands in Pembrokeshire, lie the ruins of St Dogmaels Abbey. Founded in the early 12th century, for a prior and twelve monks of the Tironensian Order, by Robert fitz Martin and his wife, Maud Peverel. With extensive walls and arches remaining upright, St Dogmaels Abbey is perfect for a historical day out. Entry into the Abbey is FREE!

Devil’s Bridge Falls
Located only 12 miles from Aberystwyth, you can experience the amazing natural waterfalls in the Rheidol Gorge. A popular tourist attraction since the 18th century showcases the unique waterfalls William Wordsworth wrote about in the Torrent at the Devil’s Bridge. Adults £3.75, students and seniors £3, children 5-16 £2 and under 5 free.  

National Library of Wales
Established in 1907 the National Library of Wales now houses over seven million items in the form of; printed works, maps, archives, manuscripts, audio visual material, photographs and paintings. Located in Aberystwyth, the library aims to deliver all services in Welsh and English. Take a walk through history and learn about the middle ages and the development of Wales.

Aberaeron Harbour
The town that is currently on the Harbour in Aberaeron was planned and developed from 1805. Originally a port for trading, the area has been a very popular craft community since 1830. With arcade attractions, cafes and restaurants, a day at Aberaeron Harbour is peaceful and enjoyable.

Take a walk through history, relax at the Aberaeron Harbour and explore the waterfalls at Devil’s Bridge. Ceredigion is ready for you this summer with a lot to learn and a lot of fun.  


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