Top ten Ceredigion food facts!

With Food Month now in full swing we thought that it would only be right to show why Ceredigion is one of Britain’s leading food destinations with these 10 key foodie facts!

1. A world-class seafood destination.
As a coastal region of Wales, you can expect to see an absolute abundance of fish when wandering the markets. Don’t just take our word for it, one of the largest pods of Bottlenose dolphins in Europe is also hanging around to enjoy the fish-rich waters!
Seafood readily available in shops, markets and restaurants in the area include: Shellfish, mackerel, crab, lobster, sea bass, flounder, mackerel, mullet, turbot, herring, huss, scallops, prawns and shrimps.
2. Quintessential Welsh food.
You’re likely to spot the traditional Welsh delicacy of laverbread (made using edible, and delicious, seaweed!) adorning many menus in the region. Look closer and you’re also going to find Welsh cakes, Welsh rarebit and Welsh cawl served in restaurants and cafés.
3. Home to numerous fantastic food festivals.
The food here is so good that the locals are really starting to shout about it. The Cardigan Bay Seafood Festival will be returning this December, while local foodies will also be arriving in their droves to celebrate the Lampeter Food Festival and the Cardigan River and Food Festival.
4. Wander the market stalls.
Given that they’ve devised their very own taste trail, it is no surprise that you’re likely to find any number of markets crammed with local producers selling fresh fruit, veg and fish. Pick up a catch of the day straight from the morning boats, from fresh mackerel to Welsh crab and lobster.
5. Sup on a local brew.
Classic Welsh Ale can be found in most local traditional pubs in the area from around the region. There’s the Oast House Brewery that is a small brewery based in Aberystwyth and the Waen Brewery just east of the region.
6. Sample the world’s most famous water.
The world’s most famous water comes from Ceredigion. Ty Nant, which has been used by the World’s leading hotels and which has starred in Hollywood film, comes from the area, a true testament to the fresh and clean lands of the area.

7. Top grazing means top cheese!
A quality grazing areas = quality milk = quality cheese!!  There’s an abundance of cheeses from all over the county creating an offering of excellent variety of flavours from Caws Canarth Cheeses, Telfi Farmhouse Cheese and Merlin Cheeses to name just a few.
8. Some of wales’ top restaurants for local produce.
Visit any local town and you’re likely to be spoilt for choice in terms of eating out. Whether you’re in Aberaeron to enjoy the catch of the day at the Harbourmaster , or Baravin in Aberystwyth you’ll find a whole range of top quality foods.
9. Theres’ a whole taste trail.
There’s now even an entire trail devoted to locally produced food and drink in the Ceredigion area. If you’re a food lover and are on the hunt for the tastiest of foods, or even if you just fancy taking a stroll through this picturesque corner of Wales, this is the trail for you.
10. The World’s first organic whisky.
That’s right, the worlds first organic whisky was distilled at Da Mhile. Fast forward to present day and the distillery also produces Seaweed Gin. What started out as an award winning farmhouse distillery in West Wales is now starting to become famous for its unique taste.

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